When you think about the decoration of your interior, several styles are available to you and among them, the vintage decoration. Far from being old-fashioned or outdated, this atmosphere is warm, cozy and full of nostalgia. Largely inspired by the decoration of the 50s to 70s, this style is characterized by its patterns, its materials or its colors. It can be adopted for your entire interior or just a room: from the kitchen to the bedroom, through the living room or the office, the vintage style blends in everywhere with delight.

The vintage style has been making a very noticeable comeback in our interiors for many years now. And for good reason, it combines several assets: the love of the old, the possibility of giving a second life to forgotten furniture, the association of materials and colors. A few essential pieces and emblematic colors will allow you to create your vintage home decoration: it’s up to you to balance and mix with other interior styles to breathe a unique touch into your rooms. We have selected a few tips and tricks for you to help you with this new decoration.

Your vintage style goes through the colors

Bright and pop colors

Among the essential elements of your vintage style, colors are very important. Paint and wallpaper take on colorful and sometimes flashy shades that give your interior a pop touch. Duck blue, mustard yellow or even orange-pink help create a rich and positive atmosphere. These very assertive colors are placed on a section of wall, which is called an accent wall and which then becomes the heart of your decoration. You can also opt for colorful objects, such as a cushion, a coffee table or a sofa. It’s the sixties style!

Pastel for a touch of sweetness

The vintage style can also be declined with pastel tones. Attached to a retro decoration, the shades range from water green to very light yellow through pale pink. These colors bring a lot of softness and help create a cozy and cocooning interior. It is ideal for a bedroom, adult or child, where to relax and dream in peace. Again, go sparingly, although you’re less likely to tire of pastel colors. Wall coverings, chests of drawers, armchairs or bedside tables, it is easy to customize your old furniture.

Neutral tones

Finally, as in any decorative style, you must nuance and harmonize all of your decoration with neutral tones. When using bright colors, white should be added to calm it down. The natural materials of your furniture, such as bamboo or rattan, very present in vintage decor, are also perfect for creating a beautiful set. Pastel colors, on the other hand, blend easily with light gray or beige. However, be careful not to make the whole thing too bland: a thoughtful association with white to illuminate everything is to be expected!

The essentials for a vintage decoration

Some objects and materials are an integral part of vintage decoration. They recall an era, a style and a way of furnishing specific to the 50s until the 70s or 80s.

Rattan, wicker and solid wood

For the design of furniture, but also lighting, you can bet on rattan or wicker for light furniture with rounded lines. Rocking chairs, XXL hanging lights or even office chairs, they have character while being airy and robust. In terms of resistance, solid, raw or varnished wood is also part of the decor. You find it on more imposing furniture, such as a sideboard, a sideboard or a chest of drawers. Go for collection at Homary! With compass feet, the vintage style is total!

Brass, steel and metal

These raw materials are found in particular in the legs of chairs or tables, but also in lights or mirrors. Golden metal or brass bring shine and sometimes counterbalance the solid wood. These materials combine with materials such as velvet and leather, especially for the composition of a beautiful sofa or a shell armchair.

Recycle and customize your furniture

To perfect a vintage style or a retro decoration, it is essential to use upcycling. This trend is to take old furniture to give it a second life, in its original use or to make something totally different. Browse flea markets, empty your grandparents’ attics and let your imagination run wild by customizing them!

How to integrate a vintage decoration in your interior?

Wondering how to adopt a vintage decor in your home? Is your interior suitable? How to make several decorative styles coexist without committing a faux pas? Here are our inspirations to take the plunge!

Vintage style is not old-fashioned!

Above all, do not hesitate to create a vintage interior for fear of its old-fashioned connotation. Indeed, this decorative atmosphere is far from being outdated and on the contrary is coming back in force, including among the greatest designers, who are largely inspired by it for new creations. Today, the vintage style is chic and elegant. It blends in with your existing decor, simply by adding iconic pieces.

The marriage of vintage and Scandinavian

If there is an association that matches perfectly, it is the one between Scandinavian decoration and the vintage look. Many common points make it easy to combine them: pastel colours, natural materials and fibers or even the rounded lines of the furniture. Opt for emblematic pieces of vintage decoration, a sofa, an armchair or a sideboard, complete with posters or frames and you’re done!

When industrial meets vintage style

When we talk about the industrial style, we find metal and steel, but also solid wood. This decorative style also refers to a bygone era, to life in workshops and New York lofts. By mixing leather, brass and solid wood, you create a very trendy industrial vintage style that you can soften with linen for your curtains or rattan for your frames and lights.