Bad Breath Cause and Solution

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Bad smell in the mouth is a common problem. You might say that almost all individuals are bad breathers. If we do not maintain oral hygiene properly all of us is going to have bad smell. Many of us control this by regular brushing, tongue washing and gargling. There are also Products for bad breath which can be used.

The problem is the fact that even after maintaining cleanliness in the lips, a lot of people suffer from offensive smell due to numerous causes. To resolve the trouble it has to be diagnosed as well as given some bad breath treatments.

Having a bad breath could be overlooked as a minor problem, but you’ll find lots of people that suffer psychologically due to the embarrassment when smelling worse. Quite a few with this particular problem isolate themselves because they know that people take offense when the breath is bad. This can even lead to marital disharmony.

Some common causes

Hygiene that is poor If not brushing the teeth on a regular basis, the mouth gets to be a seat for millions of bacteria that create gases by degrading the meals. Cleaning the mouth after every meal stops that to process.

In the mornings on waking, most human beings have bad breath, due to less saliva production during sleep. Saliva has antibacterial properties that help to preserve the mouth clean.


But there are special foods that can cause bad breath. A principal cause may very well be protein rich products, as meat, fish, eggs, and more. Raw onion likewise causes an odor, and pro dentim, this post, also garlic. however, that kind of smell can be helped by cleaning the mouth immediately after eating. (Garlic though may result in issue anyway)