Eva Dry EDV 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier Product Overview

Eva Dry is a dehumidifier business which focuses primarily on small and mini dehumidifiers including the Eva Dry EDV 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier due to its small container size and overall compact layout. This dehumidifier stacks up relatively well to the competitors in terminology of smaller dehumidifiers, although you need to still be aware that petite dehumidifiers are much less reliable compared to the larger sized. That being said, since you are able to basically save $150 dollars by purchasing a small dehumidifier like this one rather than the massive full sized home dehumidifiers, it is able to absolutely be worth it in certain cases


The Eva Dry EDV 1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier costs between $80-1dolar1 hundred if you buy it in a physical retail shop, but some internet retailers sell it for close to sixty dolars. This makes this model very well priced as compared to the opposition as being a quality full sized dehumidifier costs roughly $250. At this price, you are able to shop for multiple of Eva Dry’s dehumidifier and place 1 in each place for the same price as an entire color dehumidifier. And so depending on how you are finally going to be utilizing this dehumidifier, it is able to truly be an excellent buy in terms of price.

Noise Level

The additional good part about picking up a little dehumidifier this way one is the reality that you get a much quieter dehumidifier. The larger dehumidifiers sound just like a complete sized fan when they are running for maximum speed, but this dehumidifier will be less of a noise amount compared to also a regular ceiling fan. This particular advantage makes this particular dehumidifier ideal for little and sometimes used spaces including bathrooms and bedrooms.

Energy Consumption

An additional advantage of a small dehumidifier this way one is the fact that it uses a lot less power to run. Because the large dehumidifiers will typically cost $10 a month and up added onto your electric bill based on just where you live when running full time, the fact that this one uses a lot less energy is an enormous plus. Moreover, this unit is energy start certified so you know you are getting all the more energy savings.


Unfortunately, the quality of the dehumidifier is not quite as good as the larger counter parts of its. That said, chillwell air conditioner you can still intend on getting about three years out of this dehumidifier. Because Eva Dry backs their items with a three year warranty, you are able to feel fairly assured that even if one thing goes wrong they are going to ship you a new replacement. But, you ought to still be mindful that this is not really a device that’s going to last you 10 years like several of the ultra excellent dehumidifiers.

Dehumidification Power

A different disadvantage on the Eva Dry EDV1100 would be that the dehumidification power isn’t quite as large as other versions. Which ensures that this particular dehumidifier really merely has energy which is adequate to dehumidify one room. And so , if you’re aiming to dehumidify a family room, basement, or entire floor, this’s probably not the model for you. Nevertheless, in case you’re wanting to dehumidify a smaller room like a bathroom or maybe bedroom then this’s a great choice.


Provided that you’re picking up this version in order to save yourself money along with the goal of dehumidifying a smaller space, then this dehumidifier design is really a quite excellent purchase. The affordable price point, the accessible noise level, thus the power efficiency all are outstanding characteristics that make this dehumidifier great in these circumstances. Nevertheless, you just need to keep the shortcomings of less dehumidification power and minimize quality in mind before getting this model.

Rating: 4 from five when used for intended purpose