Hemorrhoid Treatments Online

A good number of people are looking for hemorrhoid treatments online because it's to embarrassing to talk about.

It's definitely one of the last things I would want anyone to know about me. So if I can prevent these awful things and get treatments without anyone finding out, bingo that works for me. Hemorrhoids also called piles are basically caused from straining from hard stools and irregular bowel movements.

Of all the vital organs of the body the one that suffers the most abuse from dietary habits is the colon.

Hemorrhoids may occur either near the opening of the anus (external hemorrhoids) or inside the anal canal (internal hemorrhoids).

*External hemorrhoids may be painful but usually do not need medical treatment unless a clot develops.

*Internal hemorrhoids usually do not cause pain. But they can itch, cause a pressure sensation, and make it difficult to clean the anal area.

There are some different treatments for hemorrhoids but most seem to focus on the symptoms and not the cause.

Well I'm all for relieving the pain and all that but I also want it to stop and get to the root of the problem. The doctors and drug companies treat the symptoms not the cause. They want you to come back and buy their products so they can make money. If they treat the cause, they don't continue to take your money.

Makes sense (dollars actually) for them but not for the person with hemorrhoids. One option is having surgery to have them removed but that does not guarantee that the problem may not occur again.The best things you can do to prevent this is have a high fiber diet.

Eat a lot of whole grains, fruits and veggies. Doctors recommend eating between 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day. Drink plenty of water and get some sort of regular exercise. These should help you pass your stools much more easily and prevent you from getting these darn things.

Now we can get back to our stressful lives.

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