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Online gaming has been the go-to place for casual gamers and bored people worldwide.

Due to their easy accessibility, small learning curves, and the relatively short time it takes to finish a game, it is easy to see the appeal behind it. However, the greatest deciding factor that goes into free online gaming sites is in the name itself; they're free.

There is nothing to lose by trying out a couple sites when you have some time to kill, and you might even become attached to a couple of them.

Types of Online Games

Free online games can range from the simplest of card games to creating intricate interactive worlds involving millions of players.From Online Poker Tournaments to Runescape, each offers the best out of their own genre. Aside from these two popular genres, free online games can also be adventure games, puzzle games, action games, strategy games, and sports games.

Where to Play

If you are looking for a site to play free games online then visit where you can find hundreds of games like Runescape, a popular site is or sites will host a large assortment of flash and java games for free, and they have categories for every kind of genre that you wish. On the contrary, if you are more into one large game where you can invest a large portion of your time, then poker sites and MMORPG's like Runescape might be for you.

What's the Appeal?

There was once a time when in order to play games, you had to have a television, a game console, controllers, and games.Now, the games part comes free for you. Within seconds, a quick Google search can instantly find a large assortment of games that caters to your needs. All for free. Be it a shooter, a strategy, or an adventure game, the world of free online gaming is literally at your fingertips.

If you find that you have a couple hours to kill, then playing online games is perfect.As mentioned, with a very small learning curve, you can get into the game quickly and easily without any prior knowledge of the game.

Another benefit is the social aspect. With the advent of online games on social networking sites like Facebook, online gaming suddenly took on a new meaning.You can easily form a clan with your closest facebook friends with the click of a button, and having that social aspect along with no cost adds to a great user experience.

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