About our premium  Abdominal & obs gynae ultrasound courses  In brief: Basic Physics and Instrumentation, Machine Adjustment and Probe Handling, Scanning Protocol How Do You Get To A Specific Diagnosis Instead Of A List Of D/D? Sonographic Anatomy and Pathologies of the Liver, Gallbladder, Bile Ducts, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys, Aorta, Retroperitoneal Structures, Abdominal Cavity, Chest, Abdominal Wall Masses, and Hernias… Obstetric: First Trimester Scan-Normal and Abnormal, Fetal Dating, Normal And Abnormal Fetal Anatomy Including Fetal Congenital Anomalies, IUGR, Placenta & Its Abnormalities, EctopicGestation, Multiple Gestations, Pregnancy Masses… Normal Pelvic Anatomy, Uterine Abnormalities, Endometrial Pathologies, Ovarian & Adenexal Masses-D/.D, Infertility-Follicular Study, Endometrial Assessment, PelvicInflammatory Diseases   e… read more