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10 steps to create a powerful marketing funnel?

Marketing Funnel? So what is the hype all about? Marketing Funnel is one of the most used and is currently one of the trending terms used in Marketing strategy. So why was this new concept introduced? The answer is simple Marketing funnel is a marketing strategy of a brand from which they understand its ability to influence a buyer’s decision. It’s one strategy that helps in understanding conversions.   A Marketing Funnel is a customer’s way of understanding your brand through your products and services. The Funnel is designed with various marketing components that help filter the customers interested in buying your services.   The Funnel journey starts with Awareness, which is possible to be aware of your brands through your marketing campaign. The second stage of the marketing funnel is desire. In this, the brand should be able to stir up the desire among the people who are visiting and start generating leads. The leads are converted to possible customers. This step is known as Consideration in this marketing research and various other stages. The next stage is where the possible customer will evaluate various products or services and the intention. The interest in buying or not is built by the brand. The next […] read more
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10 Types Of Virtual Assistants

With businesses booming and online work becoming common, virtual assistants are becoming more popular day by day. They provide a wide range of services for various industries. With time management being the key priority, it is essential to divide work and prioritize tasks. This can easily be done by different types of virtual assistants. They undertake tasks from customer service, social media management, and planning and booking trips to accounting, digital marketing, preparing reports, and much more! Here are a few types of virtual assistants and the tasks they take up that may help you satisfy your business needs Customer service These are some of the most commonly hired virtual assistants. They handle customer care issues and concerns. They may do so over calls, emails, or messages. They also respond to inquiries, handle refunds and set up new accounts. Administrative  They are responsible for business and personal administrative work such as scheduling appointments, planning and organizing the day, managing emails, preparing reports, and filing paperwork. They also provide services such as social media management and customer service to support executives to manage time Bookkeeping They are responsible for keeping records of the company. They generally help keep track of finances to save money […] read more
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How to set up virtual assistant contract?

What is a virtual Assistant Contract? When hiring a Virtual assistant, it is important to make a contract. A virtual Assistant Contract can be referred to as a legal document or agreement that provides evidence of a working relationship between the employer and the Virtual Assistant. This is important to do as it will help protect your right as a contractor and is very helpful in disputes. Many of the Virtual Assistants are independent freelancers. Therefore, it is important for a contractor or an employer hiring a Virtual assistant to make a legal agreement between the two. All the clauses are included in the Virtual assistant agreement; also, the special terms and any necessary conditions that you need to be included or the Virtual assistant should know are important to add to the Virtual assistant agreement. Why is the Virtual assistant Agreement important? A Virtual Assistant agreement will help in clean communication as it will help clarify the expectations, the responsibility the company has with the freelancer, and the guarantee that the agreement is legally legitimate. A Client seeking a Help from Virtual Assistant feels assured that the Virtual Assistant will be working for him even though they are working in […] read more
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The Ultimate Guide for Marketing Campaign Strategy.

  The Five Important Marketing Campaign Components The marketing campaign is one of the best strategies to create brand awareness for their brand, as this will help future leads buy products from your business. Marketing campaigns are a broad topic to discuss and are made of various topics and components. A few of the important Marketing Campaign components are crucial along with planning and executing and play an important role.   There are some important Marketing Campaign components which are: KPIs and Goals: This Component helps define the goal at the end of your campaign. The KPIs will help measure goals with estimated matrices and help track progress. These goals will also help in future campaign planning, and it will give you a clear idea of the difference between the expectations and reality of your goal with the help of many analytical tools. Channels: after setting your goals, the other steps include how you will be managing your content through different mediums and how you want to distribute them. If you have planned on running social media marketing, you might aim to grow more audience on one particular platform rather than making your content distributed and less localized. The more localized your content […] read more
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