Where can I find information about anonymous browser

A simple and reliable tool for working with multi-accounts on different platforms – Antic Browser. All information about antidetect browser list here: https://antik-browser.com/

All you need for solo or team work:

– Convenient and clear interface. Group fingerprints into folders, write notes, assign tags, use the recycle bin, transfer profiles to other users.

– Roles and access rights. Creator, administrator and ordinary user: a hierarchy with the ability to observe and participate in their team’s workflow.

– Selenium and Puppeteer support. Use your Selenium or Puppeteer automation scripts via the local API.

Parameters that we substituteу:

– A browser fingerprint, as a real fingerprint, serves to identify the user on websites.

– Antifraud system can «catch from the crowd» unique fingerprints, considering them suspicious. This leads to blocking accounts.

– Antik uses the real devices fingerprints to keep users undetected. With Antik Browser you can control the following parameters.

Reasons to switch to Antic Browser:

– Simple and functional interface. Don’t waste time studying manuals. Start working directly after installing the application.

– Minimal bans. Genuine digital browser fingerprints and relevant UserAgent.

– Folders, tags, notes. Organise your workspace. Group your fingerprints, use new capabilities to easily work with your fingerprints in one tool.

– All proxy type support. IPv4/6, SOCKS5, http(s) — easy storage of uploaded proxy list.

– Fingerprint transfer to another Antik Browser user. Fast fingerprint transfer with or without proxy.

– Team mode. Create several independent teams in the same account, share data access rights within the team for employees.

– Customer service — BRO level. User support and onboarding, prompt assistance at any stage.

– Fingerprint creation settings for different platforms. Add extensions and favourite links to your browser to work with each individual platform without having to add them the next time you create a fingerprint.